LETTER TO MY YOUNG PAL AS HE LEFT FOR SCHOOL: written by Emmanuel Onos Ekokotu

 Dear son, this would be the beginning of many more letters i would write you, as you go forward in life, and so i say
Make each moment count
Make each day remarkable
Never let a day slip by that you didn’t have a plan for.
Plan at dusk, execute at dawn.
Enjoy every moment
Savour it, for you would crave its feel in the years ahead
Savour the pleasure of leaving in much
Savour the pleasure of leaving in little
Let LITTLE nor MUCH define your joy
These two old friends always pride themselves of how much they determine peoples joy
Never let them define you
Never let them quantify you
Bear in mind that the much you have in your hand is not as expedient as the much you have in your heart
So i say to you.....BE RICH IN HEART, BE RICH IN SPIRIT.

SON, don’t be too busy to notice...............
The old school library,
A place where kings have been built;
Don’t be too busy to notice
The commoners’ parlour (beer parlour,niteclubs)
A place where slaves are been trained.
Never be too busy to notice........
The VCs office and his car as he drives in,
Notice the air of importance he carries, notice even the grasses are in stampede as he arrives.

In same vein,
Take note of MR OJO the school gardener, as he carries about his mower
Even the grasses stand up to the noise of his mower,
And to his authourity to have them mowed.
Notice, that he is not NOTICED!!!
Yet remember that the VC and MR.OJO had one thing in common;
They both were once young men like YOU.
but made and marred by the opportunities offered them and the CHOICES they made.
So i say to you SON, make the best of this opportunity served you.
In this enclave camped-us (CAMPUS)
Many years ago, we walked in pride and pomp
Swayed by the cliché CAMPUS GUYS”
but in the reality of time, water found its level.
by the second semester passing,
Tolu had become a young mum, tola had become a young dad
Tani had joined the area codes, and had GUNS for his Books and bullets for his pen.
Mike got killed in cold blood
Sarah got entangled in a malpractice feat. on and on we journeyed that
By the 4th semester,our prides had been weakened to a vege-state(vegetables state)
Beaten and battered by our choices. So i say to you again son

Finally SON,
I must let you know, that you may make a few mistakes, you may greet a few blunders on your path, but keep in mind that a true success, is not one who never makes mistakes, but one lives above the mistake...it’s not okay to make the mistake, but if you do, don’t stay with it. MOVE ON.
Be cordial, be polite, be excellent, be friendly, be goodly, be remarkable(live an impression),be astute, be honest, be true, be dependable, be outstanding, be dignified, be humble, be sharp(no dulling), be serving, be punctual.
Need i not remind you the son of whom you are; a kings kid, a royal priesthood. Never let anything be too good for you to have, YOUR father owns the world. Never let any height be unattainable for you, FOR NO MOUNTAIN IS TOO HIGH FOR YOU TO CLIMB. Build sustainable ladders in relationships, you would need them in days ahead. Build a sustainable network of like minds, the world would need you in the days ahead. Fear no one, but respect all. Above all have for your guide 1corinthians9vs 24-27. Read every transalation you could ever find on this scripture. Let it define your stay. Goodbye son, i would see you on grad

after reading this piece myself i felt this letter was also written to me too i must say! 


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